The Never Ending Story

Our first offering in this section is John Fortney's The Never Ending Story. This is a cautionary tale of the heights of elation and the depths of depression in his several-years long restoration of a vintage Italia convertible. The restoration's process is still ongoing; the long-suffering and by now considerably wiser John Fortney describes it as 'never ending. The story is told with wry humored text and plenty of photos illustrating the process. The Never Ending Story is offered in 14 sections.

The Never Ending Story Part 2

So the very long story continues with part 2 two now available. This was actually written a while ago but now I actually have quite a bit of control over the site. So that means it will be kept up to date, ya hoo.

The Intermeccanica Story

We also are pleased to have an interesting and informative historical perspective on The Intermeccanica Story. This comes to us courtesy of journalist Wallace Wyss, whose careful research and dedicated interest in Intermeccanica automobiles is evident throughout an artful and absorbing comparison of Alejandro DeTomaso and Frank Reisner.

Italia in Italy

A letter from Italy, click to read

Australian Style Italia

Stunning Italia!

1972 Italia

John: This is the car I purchased in Feb 2006.

1967 Omega

This is part of the letter that I got from Roy in 2005 about his 1967 Omega. It's sad to say this is the first time that I have had control over the web site which is new again. The good news is that I'm now working with a competent company that is capable of producing what I need. Better late than never. Keep the photos and stories coming and I can post them right away now.

Serial number 22 Omega-Italia

Here is a letter from Aaron Moore that was received in 2005, not sure if he owns the car at this point.

1969 Serial 50045

Here is a letter from Mario Grande in 2007, interesting car which has a Chevrolet motor installed. It is possible that this is a all fiberglass Italia? This car has changed owners.

Indra fastback

Phil Paccione's Indra See gallery 17 and 18 for photos.

Phil's Murena more than 1!

See Phil's Murena in Gallery 19

Phil's Apollo

Here is a very nice Apollo that was treated to a complete restoration. See gallery 20

Ed Brown's former Italia

I sent this letter, e-mail, to Sports Car Market concerning Ed's car. See photos in the Gallery.

My Italia Story - Paul

I am not an Italia expert, but from the little I do know, I’ll bet that the following story is very unusual and perhaps not believable to Italiaphiles.

427 Italia?

I am not an Italia expert, but from the little I do know, I’ll bet that the following story is very unusual and perhaps not believable to Italiaphiles.

Original Owner Italia

I have had very interesting conversations with Vic about his early ownership of this car and the trips that he and his late wife experienced as they traveled far and wide through out the western United States...

Intermeccanica Italia Restoration

Here is the link to the Italia process by Intermeccanica in British Columbia